"NOSTALGIA REIGNS within the pages of this invaluable book. In it, the history of the fountain comes to life with throwback desserts such as egg creams, ice cream sodas, shake and sundaes. Dynamic tales of Brooklyn’s past root the egg cream in present time for the next generation to come."
Alain Ducasse, Chef-creator & author of Jaime New York. 

"THE GUYS AT Brookyn Farmacy are a bunch of jerks! They’re also experts at creating classic treats from yesteryear that should not be forgotten."
Clinton Kelly, host of ABC’s The Chew  and author of Freakin Fabulous on a Budget

"What a crazy story behind the coolest hangout in Brooklyn. What insanely delicious sundaes. And what chutzpah Gia and Peter showed by saving the soda fountain from a premature demise!" 
Eric Demby, Brooklyn Flea & Smorgasburg

"The Soda Fountain is a treat for old-time Brooklynites like me who cut our sweet tooth on egg creams. Along with recipes and scrumptious photographs, the book taps into the nostalgia of the classic soda fountain counter, where generations of Brooklynites past and present found ice cream heaven in favorites like the Cherry Lime Rickey and the Chocolate Malt. Thank you, Gia and Pete, for showing all those who visit or live here how sweet Brooklyn truly is!" 
Marty Markowitz, Brooklyn Borough President

The Soda Fountain" is available online, and wherever books are sold. Including the Brooklyn Farmacy & Soda Fountain!


"Did you know that the 15-year-old Duke Ellington worked at a soda fountain? That in soda slang, canned milk was an "armored cow," and seltzer water, "balloon juice"? Sparkling bits of trivia, great photography, and recipes filled with retro syrups and straight-up fizz fill The Soda Fountain from cover to cover. Gia Giasullo and Peter Freeman, proprietors of the nostalgic Brooklyn Farmacy, will whisk you back to an era of marble countertops and bow-tied soda jerks and leave you smiling — with a snootful of bubbles."… T. Susan Chang, food writer  READ MORE

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